Ways Teachers Can Bring Change in Teaching

Ways Teachers Can Bring Change in Teaching

Teaching is a process where a teacher gives shape to the talent, persona and feelings of his/her disciples or students and brings out something very special from the very common personality of his students. There was a time in India when there were Gurukul everywhere. Students used to be sent over there where they used to live till teenage and learn all the knowledge and art to live a good, healthy and great life ahead. time passed by and teaching also kept changing its phase accordingly. Teaching is a great responsibility where a teacher has to take care of a student in all possible ways and also keep a keen eye on development of student’s knowledge and progress. It depends upon teaching that how far successful the academic career of the student can go for example if a teacher goes lightly with his/her teaching duties then students will have no knowledge about even LMS full form but if he/she goes deeply with his/her duties of teaching with complete responsibilities then student will have all the details about it along with LMS full form. Teaching should include a very good eye on each and every type of student in the class, so that progress of each and every student can not only be monitored but also, they can receive help from teachers in all possible ways. 

During the teaching process teachers should make all possible arrangements to teach students where they can understand the topics easily. For example, if a teacher is going to teach the name of fruits and how to spell them, it is necessary that he/she should have a pictorial representation of the fruits so that students can have an image when they hear the name of the fruit and they can remember it as soon as possible. Teaching should be stressless for both teacher and students. Students have to spend 6-7 hrs a day continuously reading, studying and participating in various activities so it is necessary that teaching should be jolly and light instead of boring and lengthy. These days school managements are also helping tutors in teaching them effectively with the help of innovative tools like an attendance management system. Attendance management system keeps the records of all the data related to attendance of the students and keeps the tutors free from all the other tensions so that they can concentrate on teaching only.

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Tutors should make students follow them because it is a natural tendency that students follow their tutor as their role model and they need to demonstrate what they teach for example, if a teacher is teaching how to play guitar in music classes, then he or she need to demonstrate it by playing it in the class so that students can get the idea of how the theory works in real life and can understand to perform what they learn. Tutors need to make their teaching a little interesting far away from traditional teaching and this can be done if the tutors do some innovative things and experiments with their teaching. For example, they should make some intentional mistakes in an already taught paragraph and then ask students to find out the mistakes so that the concentration level of students can be checked and students can also have some fun. Tutors should not teach the students as a whole always but should do some interesting things to make students take more interest in learning such as bifurcating the class into small teams and by giving each team a different topic to prepare and give lecture in their teams in this way students will enjoy also and within no time, they will learn all the lessons that too enjoying with their peers. 

Tutor should focus on teaching student more with practical experience instead of teaching them with theory only therefore, they should more and more methods to teach practical methods in their teaching such as tutors teach in their biology classes about various types of fishes but it will be more beneficial if the students are taken outdoor for practical experience, to water sanctuary where they can see real life fishes of different types and students can not only gain knowledge there but they can enjoy a lot there also. This type of teaching brings real life change in the teaching.