Modern Script Calligraphy


Relax and join me for a creative workshop – Modern Script Calligraphy at the beautiful Wyckwood House in Aurora.

The overall purpose of this workshop is for you to feel comfortable practicing the art of modern script calligraphy on your own with the materials provided. This workshop is perfect for beginners and no previous experience required.

During this 2 hour workshop, we will:
– explore and learn about our tools using proper techniques
– learn how to properly hold an oblique calligraphy pen
– learn and practice the basic brush strokes, letter forms and connecting letters
– learn how to control your pen and ink flow
– Introduce flourishing

Every ticket includes all of the supplies you need to get started:
– oblique calligraphy pen holder
– 2 nibs
– black ink 
– inkwell
– calligraphy guide
– tracing paper

I like to keep things positive and upbeat by adding inspirational quotes and motivating content. Being less than 2 weeks before Mothers Day, we will all create a 5×7 Mother’s Day card. I love sharing my passion for calligraphy and can’t wait for this workshop.

Tickets are available on my website, Eventbrite or in store.

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April 27 4:15-6:15pm Wyckwood House 14 W Downer Pl #16 Aurora, IL 60506


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